Mountain Valley Painting Garage Floor Epoxy

Are you looking for a way to make your garage more durable with a professional look behind it? Well my friends look no further, your friends at Mountain Valley Painting can do just that for you. In one of our pervious articles we talked about the preparation needed in order to apply your new epoxy sealer. Now it is time to focus on the benefits of an epoxy sealer getting applied to your garage floor.

Epoxy sealer on floors in a garage is extremely beneficial. It can cover over minor imperfections or flaws caused by the concrete.  Since it is both stain resistant and chemical, oil spills, brake fluid mishaps, antifreeze overflows, and gasoline overfills are not an issue. It is as simple as wiping it up, even if it sits for a long period of time. Also, when those snowy months come and the road salts come out your epoxy floor will be ready to take it on. Also, don’t be scared of dropping a wrench while working, the epoxy sealer can handle it. It is used for both residential and commercial applications. Epoxy gives the floor that showroom shine that people can’t help but notice.

Mountain Valley Paining knows what needs to be done when preparing your garage floor for the epoxy that will be applied as well as how to apply it. Don’t let other epoxy flooring application companies do the preparation or installment of you epoxy. Call the experts at Mountain Valley Painting for your epoxy floor installation today and get the satisfaction you desire

Where Do You Start When Decorating and Painting

Painting Home In Salt Lake City

Say you move into your first apartment, or you bought your first house. Usually the first thought that goes through someone’s head is, “dang, I am adulating now, or I can’t believe I did it.” Then you are over run with all the excitement and joy of owning your own place. All of these amazing ideas are running through your head about, decorations, appliances, and everything in between. Decorating can be filled with a lot of fun from choosing the style that resembles you and being able to express it within your new home. From the paintings and photos, you want hung on the walls, to the furniture and appliances that will be taking over the empty space, even the new paint that will be put on your walls they are all decided by you.

If you’ve ever tried painting a house by yourself you know that it is not an easy job by any means. Don’t stress, your friends at Mountain Valley Painting would be more than willing to help you start your home decorating experience with some fresh paint. The fresh new paint will help make your decorations stand out. No one wants to put time and effort into decorating their living areas if they are not going to get any satisfaction or pleasure from it. You should be proud of how your living area looks, in a sense it helps you express who you are. So be proud and do what your heart desires.

Mountain Valley Painting Shot Blasting Epoxy Floor Preperation

how-to-prepare-a-floor-for-epoxyMountain Valley Painting has you covered when you are looking for the best epoxy floor application. Many paining companies may tell you they can apply an epoxy floor, but not every epoxy floor application is done correctly.  For example, one step that some epoxy flooring companies may miss is that of preparing the floor properly before applying the epoxy.

If the floor is not prepared properly whether it a garage floor epoxy or a company shipping bay, the epoxy can flake off and crack over time.  In order to prepare the floor, the floor must be taken from a smooth state to one that is very rough and able to hold the epoxy over a long period of time.

To do this, Mountain Valley Painting has a system called shot blasting. This system uses very technical equipment that shoots small buckshot at a very high rate of speed a the concrete floor which will cause the floor to become very rough and porous. This preparation helps the floor hold the epoxy secure and will hold it longer so that your epoxy floor will last longer.

Don’t let other epoxy flooring application companies apply the epoxy before the prepare the flooring to hold the epoxy properly.  Call the experts at Mountain Valley Painting for your epoxy floor installation.

Nordstroms Fashion Place Mall

photo 2 When you are looking for a high quality commercial painting contractor in SLC, we want you to think of us.  We are pleased to have been the painting contractor chosen to pain the Nordstroms in the Fashion Place Mall.  When you visit, you will see the white interior walls, but in some sections you will see gold and white strips we painted.  The look of the interior there is amazing and the walls turned out looking great.

The gold and white stripes we painted took a lot of time and a lot of painter’s tape, but we use high quality painter’s tape and high quality and qualified painters to do the work.  The result is an amazing product and end result.  We can offer the same high quality service for your home or business.  Call us today to get a free quote.

Sprouts in Murray Finished

1611 When you are looking for a commercial painting contractor we are your best choice, in fact, we have finished the work on the Sprouts located on Murray Holiday Road and it look great. This project included painting the interior and the exterior of this amazing grocery store.

If you would like to see our work there and purchase high quality organic products, visit your friendly neighborhood Sprouts on Murray Holiday Road today.